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All Aboard The Fall Harvest Party Train


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Autumn presents numerous ways to celebrate. Imagine boarding a train as brightly colored as your Grandmas flower garden. What’s your destination? Is it a barn that is hosting harvest games like bobbing for apples, marshmallow eating contests, and scarecrow stuffing? Perhaps your destination is the local pumpkin patch where you will search out and decorate a pumpkin to proudly place on your front porch? Maybe it will drop you off at the beginning of a corn maze and pick you up at the other end. Toot! Toot! Listen! It’s calling to you from the exit! All aboard the party train!

With its cheery engineer guiding the way, you’re a part of an adventure you won’t soon forget! What’s even better is that you decide your destination because this train requires no tracks. The train station locations are where you decide too and don’t worry about missing your ride because it will wait for you. You can go wherever you want to go! Conventional parties are dull compared to a party with a Mini Express ride. Whether you’re picked up from the parking lot or winding along a trail, your jaunt guarantees to please young and old alike. In fact, for some, Mini Express will live on as the highlight of the party and be remembered long after the last “Toot! Toot!”

For just $275.00 for the first hour and $100.00 for each additional hour, the train is sure to bring smiles to all those who ride and be a welcome addition to any type of fall festival party.

Do you have your party invitation? That’s your ticket. All aboard! ALL ABOARD!

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