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Amazing Train Themed Kids’ Party Ideas


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Trains are a beloved part of American culture and have the ability to delight everyone from small children to their great-grandparents. A train theme is special for the birthday child as well as kids of all ages. Here’s how to throw a train themed birthday party for your favorite kid.

Ticket to Ride

Make invitations look like train tickets. Use wording like “All Aboard for Peyton’s Train Party!” or “Chugga chugga over to celebrate Ryan’s 3rd birthday!”.

Little Engineers

As guests arrive, give each a red bandanna and a train conductor’s hat so they can dress like engineers. If you are especially brave, hand out train whistles too.

Don’t forget grown-up guests who might also enjoying being train conductors for the occasion.

The Dining Car

Set up party snacks as a train.

Start by covering the table with a plastic cover and then creating train tracks with black tape. Put toy train engines on the tracks and add food in tins or plain bowls in line behind them. Then add a toy caboose to the end of each food train.

Train Games

No birthday party is complete without games. Try out these train themed game ideas.

  • Use felt to make your own Pin the Smokestack on the Train
  • Play Red Light, Green Light with train whistles guiding the kids to go and stop.
  • Have a train track obstacle course. Create train tracks using chalk or spray paint and provide stations with obstacles for kids to accomplish at each one.

Rent a Train

The highlight of any train party will be rides on an actual train. You can rent an amazing trackless electric train for use at your own location.

The opportunity to ride a real train will be what your guests are talking about for years to come. For more information on renting a train, contact The Mini Express.