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Beyond Tradition: Reasons to Choose a Kids Party Train for Your Fall Event


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Want to take your fall party to the next level? How about a choosing the unexpected in a kids party train!

Each fall there are plenty of parties which offer the traditional standbys. There are pumpkin carving contests, colorful costumes, and bags of candy. Others feature hay rides or bobbing for apples. These are traditional favorites, but for a taste of the unexpected, consider adding a trackless train.

With so many fall event opportunities, for parents it’s often a matter of picking and choosing which events seem worth putting on the calendar. Having a train will ensure yours is the event the kids (and their parents) will want to attend.

The Mini Express offers 100% electric train rentals which fit well into any outdoor fall event set on cement or asphalt. A train adds another mobile activity for the little ones and adults alike to enjoy. A train also provides adorable and unique photo opportunities beyond the traditional costume or pumpkin carving photos.

An electric train rented through The Mini Express is all about quality first. Our trains were designed by professional mechanical engineers exclusively for The Mini Express. All of our trains are conducted by professionals. Each train rented through our company is a green, 100% electric train- not a lawn mower tractor.

Train rentals through The Mini Express are affordable for your large fall children’s party. It is just $275 for the first hour and $100 for each additional hour. To find out specific minimum time required in your zip code click to contact us or call 714-404-1894.