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Birthday Party Train Ideas: Plan a Down by the Station Book Themed Fete


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Thomas The Train Birthday Ideas Do your children love animals, trips to the zoo and trains? Well then, perhaps you may want to focus a birthday train party around the book Down by the Station. Written by Will Hillenbrand, it features all three of those elements. It also comes with the lyrics to an adorable song. In our opinion, it would pair perfectly with our 100% electric birthday party trains. Because the story’s central characters are sleepy zoo animals, you may want to encourage the kids to wear their pajamas, bathrobes and slippers to the party. If not, that’s okay too. You could opt to let them make zoo animal masks at the party instead. They could wear them as they ride our birthday party train. When it comes to the birthday train party’s refreshments, consider making a zoo train cake. There is a great recipe for one on the Taste website. We like the recipe because it utilizes individual snack cakes. So portion control is easy to achieve. You could serve it with juice in zoo themed cups. As far as party favors and other treats go, investing in a Lex Living’s Silicone Animal Chocolate & Ice Cube Tray can help. You can use it to fill little zoo themed cellophane bags with pops or little candies. It is also suitable for making animal shaped ice cream or frozen yogurt treats. Lastly, you may want to decorate the birthday train party area with stuffed or inflatable zoo animals and play children’s music. There are many different zoo songs that would be appropriate for a birthday train party. They include Blue Zoo Train by Choo Choo Soul and the entire Kindermusik Adventures’ Zoo Train HCD. To learn more about our birthday party train rentals, please contact us at The Mini Express. Our phone number is (714) 404-1894. We can help you host any type of trackless train party in California’s San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside Counties.