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Birthday Train Rides: 2 Ways to Set a Scene That Will Bedazzle Guests


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Trackless train rentals by The Mini Express Although birthday train rides are a lot of fun on their own, we realize that some of our customers like to take their family events to a whole new level of cool. Those that do, frequently like to set the party scene in grand style. So in light of that fact, we wanted to share two decorating ideas that will surely leave train party guests’ bedazzled: 1.) Stand-Ups and Stand-ins To create a birthday train ride backdrop that family and friends are sure to remember, party planners may want to consider making or buying cardboard stand-ups and stand-ins. There is a huge assortment of readymade props to choose from. For instance, train party hosts and hostesses could use life-size Southern Pacific 2472, Union Pacific 844 or Niles Canyon Railway stand-ups to give the illusion of a bustling rail yard. They could also opt to incorporate stand-ups of Harry Potter, Thomas the Tank Engine characters, various buildings and animals into their birthday train ride plans too. Either way, prices for readymade stand-ups and stand-ins tend to start at $34 and may run up to $300 or more. They are generally available for purchase through large, party supply and theatre related vendors. On rare occasions, families might find them in the party section of big box stores too. For DIY party hosts and hostesses, most office supply stores sell large sheets of blank, corrugated cardboard for around $13 per 5-piece bundle. 2.) RR Crossing Lights and Lanterns Families that do decide to go with a rail yard look should note that working replicas of RR crossing lights and lanterns would certainly add a wow factor to the ride. One great resource for those types of items is Schrader’s Railroad Catalog. They’ve frequently got railroad lighting materials on sale for less than $20 each. Some of the items are suitable for tabletop or floor placement and others are designed to be hung from outdoor awnings. To learn more about making birthday train rides in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange Counties extra special for party attendees, please contact us at The Mini Express.