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Birthday Trains Help to Make Toddlers’ Special Day Complete


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train party rentals If you are checking out the headlines and parents forums in search of a party idea for your kiddos, one thing will certainly become clear. Some toddlers are, as one online media source put it, “train junkies.” So why not embrace that toddler train obsession by ordering birthday trains for thier party? As Baby Center writer Beth Haiken points out, embracing a toddler’s obsessions can be both fun and educational. For example, if you choose a birthday train from The Mini Express, you’ll be able to ride along too. Of course making choo choo noises along with your toddler is purely optional. But why not join in on the noisemaking? It can be a great way to teach little ones how to vocalize their passions and practice language skills at the same time. Speaking of passions, securing birthday trains also makes it easier to indulge your toddler’s love of locomotion. Our birthday train rentals are available in one hour increments. So he or she can spend a full 60 minutes riding on the train in the company of our congenial conductor and the rest of your party guests. Afterward, you can entice everyone away from the birthday train for toddler friendly snacks and games. Greene Acres Hobby Farms has a great, healthy train snack idea posted online. It involves making train crossing fruit skewers. However, you could also modify it by using other wholesome finger foods. Good choices include grilled shrimp, cucumbers, sweet potato waffle fries and mini turkey meatballs. For games, consider setting up a toddler train station that includes train blocks, train coloring sheets and other diversions. To learn more about how easy it is to host a birthday train party in San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Riverside or Orange County, please contact us today. We’d love to help you embrace your child’s passions.