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California’s Fall Events and Trackless Train Rentals: Perfect Together


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train rentals for birthday parties in los angeles county california Fall in California is prime time for craft shows, festivals, art shows and pumpkin patches. Will you planning one in Los Angeles County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County or Orange County this year? If so, be sure to hurry up and set-up a trackless train rental. After all, there are several great ways to use trackless trains at fall events. Here’s a quick look at how:

Trackless Train Rentals in Play Areas

One way to work trackless trains into a fall festival is to set-up a designated play area for the kids and their parents. Since it is fall, consider creating a makeshift train station with hay bales, pumpkins, scarecrows and corn stalk bundles. The hay bales could serve as both the station’s walls and seating area. The corn stalks, scarecrows and pumpkins could be used to draw attention to the front of the train station or placed along the trackless train route.

Trackless Train Rentals at Craft Shows

Planning a fall craft show instead? Consider using the trackless train in two ways. It could serve as a craft theme and transportation for the show’s attendees. If you opt to go with the craft theme, give the kids supplies to make edible or non-edible trains. For example, you could give the kids gluten-free Rice Krispies Treats, vanilla wafers, gum drops and Royal icing. They could use the materials to build edible trains. Non-edible options include letting the kids paint train cut-outs made with wood, paper mache or ceramic.

Trackless Train Rentals at Art Shows

Fall art shows are also great places to set-up a trackless train. We’d suggest creating a children’s art area and using the trackless train to slowly transport families through the art display area. For promotional purposes, you may also want to hold an art contest and give prizes for the best train drawings. The prizes could be train shaped crayons or other train themed art supplies.

Trackless Train Rentals at Pumpkin Patches

Lastly, if your festival is focused around Halloween, set-up haunted trackless train rides. Just don’t make the haunted elements of the ride too scary. That way, kids of all ages will be able to enjoy it. Non-scary elements to consider are images of Casper the Friendly Ghost, black cats, Wendy the Witch and talking pumpkins. When the ride is over, be sure to give each child a goodie bag filled with train themed treats. Would you like additional ideas for incorporating trackless train rentals into your fall events? Contact us online or by calling (714) 404-1894.