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Capture the Fun of a Birthday Train Party with a Photo Station and Props


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Pictures are worth a thousand words, and when you have planned a birthday train party for your child, you definitely want to capture the delight of everyone there. Amidst the hustle and bustle of a train ride, cake, and presents, it could be easy to forget to take candid pictures of all the partygoers. Setting up a photo station with props will ensure that you get plenty of fun pictures. Here are a few simple ideas for props that will make your train party photos remarkable.

Little Engineers– Give each guest an engineer cap and a red bandana. The beauty of these items is that they can double as photo props and party favors. Don’t forget to have the children do some silly poses!

Frame It– Use a large picture frame, without glass, and decorate it with cutouts such as a train crossing sign, stoplight, station name, or your favorite train story characters. Have the attendees put their faces in the frame while you take a picture.

Dress Up– Children love to use their imaginations, so fill a basket with train themed props and let them decide what to wear. Some items you could include are hats, bandanas, overalls, mustaches, glasses, boots, dresses, and gloves. You will likely have many of these things at home, but if not, check a local thrift store.

You can take photos of individuals, the group, and of each person next to the birthday girl or boy. If you want each guest to have a keepsake, just print out a picture and send it with the thank you card. You will not regret having these amazing photos to remember your child’s special day.

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