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Celebrate Summer Vacation with a Party Train Rental


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trackless party train is one of the quickest ways to get your children outdoors in the early months of summer vacation. After a long, harsh winter, they’ll fall in love with the exciting outdoor summer fun of a train party.

After all, getting your children outside during these warm summer months is crucial to keeping them healthy and happy. Outdoor play improves motor skills, increases problem solving ability, and gives your children the exercise they need to stay healthy.

Our trackless train experience is diverse enough to offer your children a wide variety of summer vacation fun. Once you’ve booked a party, we’ll help you create a route that winds through the city and hits all your favorite play parks.

During the trip, our friendly conductors will entertain your children by honking their horn, talking about the trains, and playing the role of an engaging and exciting conductor. They’ll even point out landmarks of the city, such as important buildings and interesting people.

Once we reach the park, the train will stop and let everyone out. Now, everyone can get out and play in the park. Here, they’ll get some sun, a bit of exercise, and engage with their peers. While on break, our conductors will answer any questions your children might have about train history.

So, if you’re excited about kicking off your child’s summer vacation, make sure to contact us to book a visit. Visit our Facebook page and get exclusive access to discounts as high as 25% off each booking!