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train rentals When you sit down to plan your next festival, you will likely try to figure out the parts that will draw in the crowds. Imagine being able to list “Train Rides” as one of its high points. How many festivals have you gone to that had a trackless train  that transported people around? You would remember it if they did, and you can have one for yours. Fun and impeccable craftsmanship complimented with the highest level of customer service make our full electric trackless trains the perfect match for that light hearted, fun, and youthful festival. Because the trains are trackless, they can go nearly anywhere you need. And because they are all electric, they can run both indoors and outdoors without the worry of smelly and dangerous exhaust. Our friendly staff will arrive early, and work with you to ensure you get the most benefit out of our train. Let us know if you have a special theme, and we will work to compliment it in our service. We pride ourselves on our commitment quality in all the services we provide. That’s why our professional, clean cut conductors make everyone’s train ride an experience they will never forget. Loved by adults and kids alike, the use of trains will put smiles on all your festival attendees faces. So if you have a festival coming up in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside or the San Bernardino County area in the sunny state of California – the be sure to contact us and get your train reserved today.