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Creating a Backyard Carnival


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Whether you are celebrating a birthday or simply looking for some summer fun, there’s nothing quite like a backyard carnival to make a day extra special. There will be smiles all around as your friends and family walk into your backyard wonderland and take part in the many carnival activities you have planned.

So how exactly do you organize such an event? Well, there are many ways to go about it. However, we do have a few favorite ideas we’re sure your guests will love.

Carnival Games

For the games, we recommend setting up some of the classics. A ring toss tends to be popular and is very easy to put together. Beanbag tosses are another crowd-pleaser that requires very little in the way of set-up or preparation. Other fun games you could add to your lineup include a “wheel of fortune” and a balloon dart game.

Tasty Treats

Of course, no carnival is complete without some delicious snack foods. Popcorn in cute red-and-white-striped boxes is a wonderful food option. Funnel cakes are fairly easy to make in advance and make for perfect carnival food. Other ideas we like are colorful cake pops and chocolate-dipped pretzel rods.

Exciting Rides

Every carnival has rides, and yours should be no exception. However, setting up roller coasters and carousels in your backyard isn’t the easiest task for the average joe. Fortunately, The Mini Express is here to help with exciting rides in a pint-sized train.

Are you ready to schedule a train for your backyard carnival? We would love to help! Please contact us today!