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Dos and Don’ts of Hosting a Trackless Train All American Breakfast Promotion


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birthday party train in orange county San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside dining establishments may want to take note. September 1st marks the arrival of a holiday that is tailor made for a trackless train event. It’s All American Breakfast Month and each year school cafeterias, restaurants, diners and other eateries make it a point to celebrate with at least one morning event. So to help everyone along, we are dedicating today’s blog to some breakfast promotion dos and don’ts: Do consider serving event attendees a wide assortment of hot and cold breakfast goodies while they wait to board our trackless train. If you are stumped on which breakfast dishes to include in your trackless train party spread, check out the site, Mr. Breakfast. It’s jam packed with recipes, including an entire section dedicated to American cuisine. Don’t forget to include some educational fun and games to help attendees fully appreciate the benefits associated with enjoying a morning meal. Various agricultural extension offices often have free handouts and lesson plans that may help. California also has an entire website devoted to touting the value of serving breakfast in educational settings. It’s called, Breakfast First: Healthy Food for Hungry Minds and it contains materials that may help you flesh out your special event. Do remember to reserve our trackless trains for your breakfast event as early as possible. We’ll provide the trackless train rides, conductor and proof of liability insurance. Plus, our trackless trains have their own built-in sound systems on board that we can use to add to your event attendees’ excitement. Don’t forget to contact us with any other questions that you may have about securing a trackless train for your All American Breakfast celebration. We may be reached online or by phone and are open year round. Information about our advance deposit and cancellation policies is readily available and we can supply customer testimonials too.