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Energize Your California Family Reunion with Trackless Train Rentals


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The mini express trackless train rentalsIs your family reunion practically the same year after year? Do you fly loved ones in from around the country only to spend the day chatting at the park with the kids complaining that they are bored? You always enjoy seeing your family and reunions are a pleasure in your life, but what would you give to shake things up and energize the crowd? Even if your family reunions are never boring, you know it would be nice to throw in a surprise this year. Instead of planning activities for the adults to enjoy while hoping the kids will entertain themselves, what if you planned something special to get the kids squealing with laughter and screaming with joy? You can energize a low key family gathering or get those kids squealing with a fun trackless train ride from The Mini Express. These are not trains that your children operate by remote control while they sit on the sidelines. These are real trains operated by well-trained, fun-loving conductors that your children can climb aboard for the ride of their lives. The great thing about a train is you don’t have to tell anyone at the reunion what you are planning. Let them think this year’s reunion will be much like the one they enjoyed last year and the year before. Tell us where to setup the train in an out-of-the-way area, and let us surprise your family as our conductor whips into the reunion with a toot of the horn. Our train is artfully decorated in fun colors, and every ride is conducted professionally and safely. Bring us onboard for your family reunion, and we will bring the energy and enthusiasm your family deserves. We offer trackless train rentals in Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles counties. If you want to breathe new life into your family reunion this year, like our Facebook page  to save $25 on your reservation. Are you ready to reserve a train for your family celebration? Contact us today to make sure your date is still available.