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What young child doesn’t dream of riding on a train wearing a conductor’s hat, a scarf around their neck with a whistle in hand? You can make your child’s dream come true for their next birthday party. The Mini Express offers trackless birthday train rentals, this means we will bring the train to you wherever you are and set up a spectacular display for your child. Whether at home or in a park, we can accommodate your needs.

Our trains are detailed and each one was uniquely handcrafted and designed for us by mechanical engineers to meet our high standards. Since each unit is inspected weekly for flaws and repaired immediately, you can guarantee you will have the best looking train around. In addition to being pleasing to the eye, our trains are also eco-friendly and safer for your children. Since we are concerned about your child’s safety, our trains are electric and do not blow out the harmful and smelly fumes like gas engines do that can cause your child to cough and choke.

We pride ourselves on providing the best customer experience in the business. Our trains are the best, our conductors are professional and will be dressed to impress your child and will play age appropriate music for your child and their friends while riding the train. We go the extra mile because we want your child’s experience to be magical.

On top of our already competitive prices, if you “Like us” on Facebook you will receive $25 off your second hour. Contact us to set up your child’s greatest experience.