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Festive Ideas for a Train Birthday Party


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Trackless train rentals in los angeles A train birthday party can be exciting for children of all ages. If you’re planning to hire a train for your child’s next birthday party, here are some ideas for food and decorating that will help you set the mood for the fun that is to come. Decorations Choose decorations in bright yellow, pale blue and green in order to match the train we provide. Hang lots of colorful balloons and streamers all over your house or yard in order to create a festive look for your party. Finish it up with some matching tablecloths, and you will be on your way to setting just the right mood. Look for train posters or banners that you can display in prominent areas, as these will also be ideal for a train-themed party. Toy trains or train tracks can also be excellent choices, as can whistles, stop signs or small bridges. Food Serve a railroad-themed cake or cupcakes at your birthday party. These can be frosted in colors that match our train and your other decorations, or could feature a famous train such as Thomas the Tank Engine. Some bakeries will even include toy train signs or train tracks on the top of your cake as well. Along with the cake, consider using a train-shaped cookie cutter to make small sandwiches for partygoers to enjoy. Pair them with some finger foods such as grapes, celery sticks or potato chips, and you have the perfect snacks for active children to enjoy. Games Children love piñatas, and you can find several that are shaped like a train that would be perfect for your party. Hang it where there is plenty of room and let kids have a ball taking turns hitting it. You could also play your own version of “pin the tail on the donkey” by using a cutout of a train. Rather than pinning a tail, ask children to pin a smiley face on the front of the train instead. When hosting an outdoor train party, use oversized cardboard boxes to make train cars with. Arrange them so as to create an obstacle course for kids to maneuver around by having them crawl through some, or climb over others. You can even draw a train track on a sidewalk leading up to the obstacle course by using sidewalk chalk. Planning a train-themed birthday party is one way to ensure your child’s special day is always remembered. You take care of the food and decorations, and we’ll handle everything else. Contact us to find out more.