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Five Great Reasons to Choose The Mini Express Train Rentals in Orange County for Your Next Kid Party


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Many options exist for today’s parents to plan a party for their child. Whether it’s a birthday party, a kindergarten graduation, or the celebration of another special achievement, you can choose from bouncy houses, dunk tanks, and all sorts of other fun activities to come right to your home. Most of these options have become pretty standard over the last several years though. It’s almost expected that if your child goes to a friend’s house for a party, that some giant inflatable something or other will be there for them to bounce in and out of … literally.

What if you want your child’s party to be different? Then, you should definitely consider The Mini Express train rentals in Orange County. Here are three reasons why this is a great choice for something fun, exciting, and different:

  • It’s surprisingly affordable. At just $275 for the first hour and $100 for each additional hour, the cost is very comparable to some of those other “inflatable” options. The Mini Express travels to more destinations than just Orange County, and some of those areas may require more than just one hour to schedule, but the level of fun and excitement generated by our mere presence at your child’s party will make it well worth our comparably affordable rates.
  • We don’t pass gas. Pardon the pun, but our colorful, exciting, and uniquely entertaining train rides are 100% electric. Many of our competitors are still mired in the evolution of the combustion engine using fossil fuels, but not The Mini Express. We are just as eco-friendly as we are kid-friendly.
  • All of our trains feature state-of-the-art technology. Our 100% electric trains are not only affordable and eco-friendly, but they also feature a sparkling new appearance that shines, professional mechanical engineering, and a top of the line sound system pre-loaded with all of your child’s favorite party songs.

Please contact us today or visit us online to book a train for your next kid party. It will give your child the memories to last a lifetime.