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Fun Giveaway Items for a Child’s Train Birthday Party


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trackless train birthday party is one of the most exciting birthday party experience a child can face. However, as they age, the memories of the party may fade. That’s why you should hand out some fun giveaway items at your child’s train birthday party. These items will cement the experience in their mind for a lifetime.

Train Passes

Designing, printing, and laminating fun train passes will give each child a memento they’ll never forget. Personalize each pass and hang it on a neck strap so that they can wear it during their train ride and after. You can even make passes for the adults to help immerse them in the experience.

Conductor Hats

Turn every child at the party into a conductor by investing in some conductor hats. These hats are available at a variety of craft and supply shops and can be ordered in multiple sizes. Personalize each with an emblazoned name patch.

Wooden Whistles

Nothing will immerse your child in their train birthday party quite like a wooden train whistle. These simple craft items are inexpensive, easy to find, and incredibly fun to use. Give each child at the party one before they take a ride on their train.

It may be wise to make a deal with the driver and the children before the ride on when they can blow their whistles. Encourage them to blow their whistle only when the driver blows his. This helps avoid driver distraction.

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