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Thomas The Train Birthday Ideas Hey Moms and Dads. With Junior’s birthday coming up are you pressed for time and in need of fun, innovative ideas? Well, why not break the deadlock and go full steam ahead with our birthday party trains! They are available for rent in San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange Counties. Watch the kids’ eyes sparkle and the grins begin when they catch sight of our multi-colored birthday party trains complete with in-character conductors. Then let the little ones hop on board and pretend that they’re taking a train ride to Candy Land, Willy Wonka’s Factory, the Island of Sodor or anywhere else their imaginations take them. And don’t worry. Each of our birthday party trains are safe, quiet, clean, odorless and tons of fun for all ages. So no one has to be left on the sidelines. Not even the grumpy guy who likes to hide out at every party by the bowl of baked chips and homemade onion dip. Want tunes playing in the background while the kids ride off to the fantasy destination of their choosing too? If we know that in advance, our conductors will have the birthday party trains’ built-in sound systems up and ready to go. Isn’t it fabulous to have one less thing to stress over? Speaking of less stress, why not simplify the party planning process even further by hiring a caterer as well? Ask him or her to make a birthday train cup cake display and munchies that everyone will adore. One great place to find Thomas the Train birthday party buffet food and set-up ideas is onPinterest. We’ve also found adorable birthday train buffet table ideas on Blogspot. Check-out one of them on the Burdett Family Creations’ blog. To learn more about moving full steam ahead with Junior’s train birthday party plans, please contact us at The Mini Express. Making birthday train rental reservations through our site is quick, easy and secure. For more details, call (714) 404-1894 or drop us a note on Facebook.