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Have a Fun Valentine’s Day Party with a Kids Party Train


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Looking for something fun, interesting, and unique you can do for your kid’s Valentine’s Day party? Look no farther because the kids party train is the perfect thing for you.

Train Rentals

The Mini Express trains are available for party rentals in Los Angeles county, Orange county, Riverside county, and San Bernardino county in California. These trains are 100% electric, which means no gas/fumes, are uniquely handcrafted, and play music while you ride. These trains are available for all kinds of kid’s parties and festivals so create some fun and unique memories this Valentine’s Day with a train ride!

Valentine’s Day Activities/Games

After your train ride you can try some of these fun Valentine’s Day games and activities:

  • Musical Hearts – Use felt hearts and write fun games and activities on each one like (hop on one foot 10 times, Hula Dance, act a like a puppy, do the crab walk, etc.) Play musical hearts and have the children walk over the hearts to music. Once the music stops, each child does whatever action is written on the heart he or she is standing on. This gets very silly and fun.
  • Heart Candy Relay Race – Go here for more details.
  • Heart Hopscotch – Use chalk and draw a heart hopscotch game.

Valentine’s Day Food

Your Valentine’s Day party wouldn’t be complete without food! Here are some fun Valentine’s Day treat ideas:

  • Pink, red, and white chocolate covered pretzels and Oreos. Here is an example.
  • Strawberry and marshmallow kabobs (these go well with a chocolate fountain)
  • Heart-shaped rice Krispy treats.

If you would like to learn more about the Mini Express trains, prices, rentals, etc., please contact us today.