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Hey North San Diego County! Children’s Train Rentals Are Coming in 2016


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North San Diego County has a lot to offer families and the number of activities is only going to expand in 2016. How so? This year, the county’s families and businesses alike will be able to enjoy train rentals. Once only available in Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino Counties, the services will be offered by The Mini Express.

All of the equipment we use on site is eco-friendly, clean and safe for children. It is also durable enough to transport adults. And selecting North San Diego County locations able to accommodate full-size trains is easy. Look for level spots that offer access to solid ground and open space. The open space should be large enough to fit the train rentals as well as expected passengers.

Even though the time in between rides is never inordinately long, we recommend establishing a comfortable waiting area anyway. The waiting area should be near the train rental and afford seated occupants a chance to safely watch all of the fun. After all, being able to watch North San Diego County train rentals in operation is half the fun, especially for parents and guardians.

Like all areas serviced by The Mini Express, North San Diego County train rentals are fully insured for liability purposes. They are also professionally staffed for the duration of the train rental period, no matter which North San Diego County venue is being used for the special event. And yes, that goes for private residences too.

Train rentals in North San Diego County must be reserved in advance with a modest security deposit. The deposit is refundable providing that certain conditions are met by the reserving parties. To learn more about North San Diego County’s newest, special event enhancer, please contact The Mini Express’ knowledge team today. And remember, we will also continue to service other parts of the Inland Empire too.