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Host a Neighborhood Fun Day With a Trackless Train


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The first month of summer is always a blast. The kids are still so excited about being out of school that everyone is having fun and generally on their best behavior. You’re still so excited about the nice weather that you’re taking your family to the park and hitting all the fun community events. Eventually though, as summer stretches on, everyone loses their steam and boredom begins to set in.

You can beat the boredom by organizing a neighborhood fun day. Let your kids help with the planning so they have something exciting to look forward to. You can even ask all your neighbors if they would chip in $10 to $20 to help cover expenses, and then go all out planning a really memorable day for all the kids who live in your neighborhood.

Set out a Slip N Slide, plan a bicycle or scooter race, have a sidewalk chalk drawing competition with prizes for the winners. Ask all your neighbors to help out with food potluck style or do a big bbq cook out all together. Finally, to really make an impression, rent a trackless train. The train comes to you, and all the neighborhood children (and their parents too) can ride in the train to their heart’s content. You will love the fun photos everyone is able to capture of their children riding the train at your neighborhood fun day. Make it an annual middle-of-summer tradition.

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