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Kids’ Party Trains May Help Civic Groups Attract Large Crowds


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birthday train rental from It’s no secret that civic groups in San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside and Los Angeles are known to host special events throughout the year. Sometimes the events are meant to be fundraisers or raise awareness for a particular cause. Other times, their principal purpose is to entertain people that have supported them in the past and pledged to continue doing so in the future. Either way, all of those types of events are best if crowds are present. So how can civic groups planning an event in the Inland Empire, Orange and Los Angeles Counties attract large crowds? We think that kids’ party trains are the best tools for the job. There are a lot of different kids’ party trains out there for civic groups to choose from. However, it is infinitely better to select one that is safe, reliable, insured and gentle on the environment, like the trains available through The Mini Express. They are trackless and softly run on electricity as opposed to gas-fired engines that have a tendency to leave a trail of toxic residues and noise pollution in their wake. It’s also a good idea to choose kids’ party trains that can accommodate reasonable amounts of passengers. After all, waiting in line for even five minutes can be very frustrating to little children who have yet to learn the virtues of patience. At The Mini Express, up to 18 children can climb aboard our fully insured, well maintained, party trains at one time and take a fun, enjoyable ride around a civic group’s venue of choice. Plus, our professional conductors have been with us for so long, they are experts at helping parents keep pint-sized passengers patient and in good spirits. To learn more about our services and arrange to have a kids’ party train present at a civic group’s upcoming event, please contact us today.