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birthday party train in orange county Even with kids of all ages texting each other, nothing can replace cards and candy on Valentine’s Day. In the weeks leading up to the day, classrooms are a flutter with kids constructing mailboxes and either making or purchasing Valentines cards to be placed into those carefully made red and pink mailboxes. Every kid likes getting a card and some candy delivered to them as well as being the one who makes the deliveries. The only thing kids like better than the cards and candies are perhaps Valentine’s Day Parties. Why not plan a unique party for your child or students by having a kids party train? They can exchange Valentines and treats while on the train and learning about mail cars. Since the delivery of cards is such a large part of the holiday, you could even have the kids make a large mailbox and place it outdoors then arrange for the trackless train to take you and the kids there to deliver the m ail like in the olden days of mail trains. The Mini Express services to Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County California. We provide the train, the professionally dressed engineer. All you need to provide is flat outdoor surface to run the train, preferably asphalt. Our one-hour package is $275 and each additional hour is $100.In some zip codes within our delivery area, a gas surcharge may apply, so check the book a train link to check availability and the exact price for your event location. For any other information contact us at 714-404-1894 or online.