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When planning a kid’s birthday party or another event geared towards children in the Inland Empire, there are lots of ways to make your event fun and entertaining. But very few things are quite as unique and special as renting a train from the Mini Express for your event. The Mini Express is your go-to for train rentals in the Inland Empire.

What makes our trains stand out? Imagine a brightly colored, expertly crafted train with a kind engineer that runs independent of a track and can be the hit of your event. Children love trains and they will love riding in the Mini Express. But there are lots of reasons for parents to love the Mini Express too. Unlike our competitors who drive stinky, fume-expelling trains that run on gas, our trains are 100% electric. So not only do you avoid the fumes, but you can have a clear conscience about the environmental impact of your party.

Another way the Mini Express goes out of our way to serve our customers is that we do all of our scheduling ourselves, never outsourcing our scheduling like some of our competitors do. We want to make sure when you call to book the Mini Express that we can help you right away and get you exactly what you want.

The Mini Express is sure to make your next birthday party or children’s event a huge success. For more information about getting this brilliant train to your next event in the Inland Empire, contact us today at the Mini Express.