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Are you planning a birthday party or event in North San Diego County and looking for that thing to really push your event over the edge and make it stand out? The Mini Express is excited to have recently expanded our area of service to North San Diego County so we can share all the fun that is The Mini Express with your family and friends too.

Do you have a child that loves trains? The Mini Express at a birthday party is something your child will cherish. Imagine being able to let them ride in an actual train, custom made for events just like this. A train rental comes with a professional conductor, a sound system playing all of your child’s favorite songs, and no gas fumes. Our trains are 100% electric so they don’t sputter out fumes like other train rentals you may have seen.

Another perfect event for The Mini Express besides a birthday party is a preschool or elementary school celebration. Whether it is for an end-of-the-year picnic, a welcome back event in the fall, or for a fundraiser, children love riding on The Mini Express. Bringing one of our trains to your event will create plenty of picture-worthy moments and memories to treasure.

The good news about The Mini Express is that rentals won’t break the bank. It only costs $275 for the first hour and $125 for each additional hour. There is no need to worry about liability either. While our trains are safe and children have a great experience, we do carry a $2 million liability insurance policy so if—heaven forbid—an accident did occur, you aren’t taking on any risk to your school, organization, or person.

If you want to make your next birthday party or event in North San Diego County a huge success for all the children involved, contact us at The Mini Express today.