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train rentals for birthday parties in los angeles county california Everyone loves birthday party trains and getting mail. Combine two great ideas to double your fun the next time you rent a party train. Young people may not realize how important trains were to the development of the United States. From the late nineteenth century through World War II, much of the US mail got transported by train. These are a few postal games and activities everyone will enjoy. Plus, our trains are a lot safer and cleaner than their predecessors. Mail bags: Gather all the birthday cards and stuff them in a canvas bag for the birthday boy or girl. Make it official by printing their name on the outside. Postal employees had to sort the mail as they traveled, but your guests can relax, listen to music and eat cake. Train robbers: Robbers targeted mail trains because they carried money. The most famous heist was the Great Train Robbery of 1963. Thieves stole about four million dollars from the Royal Mail train between Glasgow and London. Put on a mask and cape and launch a surprise attack on your guests. Be nice and give the presents back when you’re done. Mascots: The US Railway Mail Service even had its own dog. A scrawny mutt named Owney liked to sleep on the mail bags at the post office in Albany, New York. Eventually, postal employees wanted to ride with him because he was considered good luck in preventing crashes. Owney even made a trip around the world in 1895 by train and steamer. Parties are usually too much excitement for dogs, but you can bring along a stuffed animal. Contact us for trackless train rentals in Orange County, parts of Los Angeles County, and the Inland Empire. All our units are 100% electrical and perfect for birthday parties, festivals and any private or public event.