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Make your child’s birthday party one to remember with a train from The Mini Express!


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Have you been searching for that special something to really make your child’s birthday party a hit? Something unique and fun that will keep the kids happily occupied without breaking the bank? At The Mini Express, we specialize in renting trackless trains for children’s parties at an inexpensive price.

Why rent from The Mini Express?

One of the best things about our trains is the fact that they are fully electric. They will run with no harmful emissions or gasoline smells. These beautiful trains are designed by mechanical engineers to ensure a quality product that is both safe and reliable. We hold our employees to the highest standards, not only in the design and upkeep of the trains, but also in the professionalism and cleanliness of our conductors.

A birthday party is especially perfect for a train rental. With a group of children it can sometimes be hard to keep them all entertained so that the party goes smoothly and everyone enjoys themselves. With a train at the party, the kids have an activity that is safe and interactive that adults can join in on if they choose. The train even plays popular kids music during their “journey” to keep them further entertained.

Hosting a train party will make your child’s birthday party one for the books and have friends and family already looking forward to next year. Not only are our trains fun and eco-friendly, but they are also incredibly affordable! You can give your little one a party they will always remember without going over your party budget!

If you are interested in renting a train for a birthday party today, or have any questions please contact us here, and thank you for your interest in The Mini Express.