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Making Sure Everybody Gets a Turn on the Birthday Party Train


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There’s really nothing quite like a birthday party train to make your child’s birthday special. At “The Mini Express,” we work hard to ensure that everyone at your party has a fun and exciting trip on a trackless train. However, there’s one area we really need your help with: getting everybody a fair share of time on the train. Our train can haul plenty of wide-eyed passengers, but might not be able to handle everyone at once. Make a List Start by lining all the children up in alphabetical order and writing their names down on a sheet of paper. Having a list is a great way to cross-reference everyone at the party and makes it easier to keep track of who has ridden the train and who hasn’t. Arrange Seating Try to avoid going alphabetically through your list when it comes time to ride: that can make kids with names like “Walters” feel impatient, left out and even picked on. Take several moments to pick the first group to ride the train by choosing riders from random on your list. Naturally, the birthday boy or girl should be on the first trip. Get All Parents to Pitch In Every parent at the party should do their part to get everything running smoothly. Recruit “line” parents to make sure the line runs smoothly and easily. “Funny” parents should entertain children in line to keep them busy while they wait their turn. Once you’ve got your riders on the train, you can leave everything to us.  Hiring us and helping everything run smoothly will give your child and their friends a birthday trip that’ll remain special for years to come.