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North San Diego County Train Rentals Expected to Complete the Package


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North San Diego County is undoubtedly a great place to be but until recently, it was missing something important. The missing essential was a train rental service parents could trust and kids could love. Now, the gap has been filled and the fun options are complete. The Mini Express is coming to North San Diego County!

Maybe you’ve been among the hundreds of people who’ve ridden on our trains in San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside Counties. If so, we thank you and hope that you’ll join us in North San Diego County too. If not, we welcome the opportunity to show you why so many people throughout the Inland Empire know us by name. We’ve been working with families and event planners for more than a decade and that says something about our 100% electric trains.

Our handcrafted beauties are designed with fun, safety, families and the environment in mind. So they don’t require cumbersome tracks, combustible fuel or a horde of scary-looking operators and warning signs. Instead, riders are greeted with a welcoming seat, friendly operator and the confidence that comes from riding a fully functioning, fully insured train in a safe area.

Event planners can also count on our professional staff to provide documentation, music and the seasoned advice needed to make any public or private family affair a big success. Just check out the smiles in our online picture gallery and glowing press from events we participated in over the years. We’re sure North San Diego County residents will find them comforting as well.

North San Diego County train rental reservations are being accepted online now for future events. North San Diego residents with questions about the reservation process, future availability and the like are encouraged to contact The Mini Express Team today for further assistance. As for the rest, we look forward to seeing you at our new locations!