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Party Train Rentals are Perfect for Valentine’s Day Celebrations


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Party train rentals in orange county Have you been put in charge of planning a Valentine’s Day 2014 celebration for your school or civic organization? Are you concerned about making sure that all of the children feel included in the day’s events? If so, we have a three word solution that will surely put your mind at ease, party train rentals. Party train rentals are ideal for Valentine’s Day events because they can be enjoyed by everyone. They can also be factored into the day’s events in a multitude of ways. For instance, one of our trackless train cars could be designated as the Valentine’s Day mail car. The children could then wait for the train to arrive with their Valentine’s Day goodies. You could also require the children to turn in a homemade Valentine or recite what they love about school before getting onboard our 100% electric party trains. Doing so will help to encourage everyone to have fun and participate in the holiday festivities. Do you want to hand out Valentine’s Day party souvenirs or sell gift items during your event too? Well then, you might want to seek out Valentine’s train appliqués. They tend to be available for purchase through sites like Swak Embroidery and Etsy. The appliqués could then be placed onto hats, book bags, totes, t-shirts or whichever gift item suits your Valentine’s Day party train needs. We’d also suggest checking out the heart train printable available through One Charming Party. It would make an adorable place setting, table centerpiece, decoration or favor box. You could probably use it as a balloon holder too. Just make sure that you add some weight to it before attaching too many balloons. Now that you know what an ideal match party train rentals and Valentine’s Day parties can be, please contact us at (714) 404-1894. We can accommodate Valentine’s Day party requests in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.