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Party Train Rentals: Chug into School Library Month with Flair!


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Did you know that party train rentals can help librarians, parents and young readers chug into School Library Month? It’s true. For the last 30 years libraries have been celebrating the most auspicious occasion and this year, they’ll be doing it again. So, why not go full steam ahead with your library’s plans by contacting The Mini Express and reserving a trackless train? Like this year’s theme, trackless train rides don’t have to end until the librarian in charge says so. We can set up and stay on site for an hour or more, depending on your reservations. Each booking includes the party train and a professional operator to make sure the little ones enjoy the ride safely. Plus, there are many children’s books about rail travel that would fit right in. A few to consider putting on to your library storyteller’s list are as follows:

  • Sherri Duskey Rinker & Tome Lichtenheld’s Steam Train, Dream Train
  • Jim Murphy’s Across America on an Emigrant Train
  • Diane Siebert’s Train Song
  • Michael Burgan’s The Pullman Strike of 1894
  • Brian Floca’s Locomotive
  • Donald Crews’ Freight Train
  • Tony Mitton’s Terrific Trains

Our party trains run on clean electricity. So, they may be used inside large, public buildings or outside in the parking lot. The cars are clean and roomy enough to accommodate average size adults too. Thus, librarians won’t have to worry about parents, teens, tweens and adult family members wanting to get on our party trains and take rides with the kids.  Our charming trains can transport them all around the library or other designated rental space. To learn more and take steps to make your School Library Month event the most talked about one in Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties, please contact us online at The Mini Express today.