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Party Train Rentals May Help PTA Groups Raise Money at Fall Kickoffs


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pta train rentals Are you tired of throwing the same old PTA fundraisers in Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino every fall? If so, party train rentals may help revive everyone’s interest and get your PTA’s coffers off to a great start. After all, children and adults have been enamored with train rides ever since 1827. That’s when the first Americans climbed aboard a passenger rail car and took a leisurely ride. Powered by anthracite coal fueled steam, the 19th century train was made from dark colored steel and rifle barrels. Of course its single train car looked nothing like the ones that comprise our trackless train. Our party train is made of colorful, contemporary materials and runs solely on electricity. Thus, on our party train rides, there is no coal dust, steam or uncomfortably seats for passengers to deal with. Furthermore, their entire train stood slightly over 12 feet tall and the locomotive was a little over 13 feet long. Plus, it only had 13 miles worth of track to run on. So the ride was obviously very short and specific. In comparison, our party train is trackless and as a result there is a lot more flexibility involved when it comes to choosing a route. In addition, our party train rentals also have something else America’s first locomotive didn’t have, a built-in sound system. To incorporate our party train rental into your PTA’s fundraising plans, consider selling boarding tickets and train related items to attendees. For example, your PTA members could setup a train cupcake, ice cream or popcorn booth onsite and sell food. Offering inexpensive train books, t-shirts and other souvenirs for sale should help raise funds for future PTA endeavors too. To learn more about our party train rentals and tips for planning railroad themed PTA events, please contact us at The Mini Express. Our party trains can accommodate PTA groups fundraising in the Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange and Los Angeles areas.