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Does your child love trains? Whether they are obsessed with Thomas the Train, Chuggington, real trains, or their beloved train table, having a train they can ride show up to their birthday party would be a true thrill. In this blog post, we want to give your a few ideas for throwing a train themed birthday party including information about party train rentals from the Mini Express. Here are 3 ways you can incorporate trains into the birthday party.

  1. Rent the Mini Express: The Mini Express is a trackless, electric train available for birthday parties and events based out of Los Angeles. This train arrives to your event with a professional conductor, children’s music playing, and space for children and their parents in each car. Since the train is electronic and doesn’t require gas it runs quietly and cleanly.
  2. Create Train Related Snacks and Decor: You are just a Pinterest search away from a host of ideas on how to create DIY train snacks and decor. Some ideas include putting snacks in “train cars” like metal tins lined up with a toy train engine at the front. Use black electrical tape to create decorative train tracks on ground outside or inside your home.
  3. Place a Train Table in a Prominent Place: If you have a train table, make it available for children to enjoy during the party. Party favors can include trains or train whistles so the fun can continue after the party. If you don’t have a train table, perhaps that is the perfect gift for your train enthusiast. Check out this blog postcomparing train table brands and styles to pick the best one for your child.

To rent the Mini Express for you party and to pull off an amazing train birthday party to remember, contact us at the Mini Express today.