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Party Trains Can Draw Families to Immunization Month Events


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birthday train rental from Each April and May, the California Department of Health participates in two very special events. They are Toddler Immunization Month and National Infant Immunization Week. If your pediatric practice, children’s hospital or family clinic plans on joining in, you’ll undoubtedly want to draw a large crowd. One way to help increase the odds of that happening is to book The Mini Express’ party trains. Our safe, clean running, eye-catching party trains can accommodate parents, children and other adults. The units may be placed on level, solid parking lot surfaces or wide, even walkways. In the case of large children’s immunization clinics and children’s hospitals, our 100% electric party trains could also be set-up indoors on flat surfaces. Of course we’d need to make sure that our party trains could enter and exit the buildings without difficulty first. The party trains typically remain on the grounds, in operation, for 60 minutes. If your healthcare facility would like us to stay onsite throughout the entire Toddler Immunization Month or National Infant Immunization Week event, it may be possible. We would need enough advance notice though. Rates are traditionally based on one hour increments and include the use of our in-house conductors. However, we do have a fundraising program in place for non-profits too. So if your immunization clinic or healthcare facility is a charitable organization, we may be able to make customized arrangements. Oftentimes, those arrangements include revenue sharing opportunities. We can provide more details about those fundraising opportunities, as well as our liability insurance information, upon request. Remember, if you do decide to secure party trains for your National Infant Immunization Week or Toddler Immunization Month events, we presently operate in select California counties. They include San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside. Some of those locations may require the remittance of a gas surcharge. You’ll also need to handle all of the other event details yourself, like party food and favor purchases. If you are looking for party food, favor and decoration suggestions that would be compatible with immunization events, we’d be happy to provide ideas. Off the top of our heads, train bandages and pocket size first aid kits for the parents may be nice. The kids may appreciate Izzy the Bear and train stickers. To ask questions and set-up party trains for National Infant Immunization and Toddler Immunization Month events, please contact us at (714) 404-1894.