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Party Trains Help Make Military Family Appreciation Month Events Shine


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trackless train rentals in the inland empire   Have you been thinking of hosting a Military Family Appreciation Month event this November? If so, be certain to put party trains on your event’s agenda. After all, locomotives have a long history of being used in military operations. Take The Great Locomotive Chase as a prime example. For all of you non-history buffs out there, it took place during the Civil War as did the Siege of Petersburg. It involved Eastern Virginia’s former City Point Railroad, which was later absorbed into the Norfolk Southern Railway system. Railways were also used heavily in both World Wars. Therefore, there is no denying that they are a natural fit for family friendly, military themed events. At The Mini Express, our trackless trains are available for Military Family Appreciation Month events, whether they’re expected to be held inside or out. The only true stipulation is that the holiday’s events must take place within our service area, which includes San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside and Los Angeles Counties. And we’ll need a smooth, debris free, horizontal surface to set up and run the party trains on. Other than that, we can generally be rather flexible. The party trains will more often than not hold up to 18 children at any given time. Adults are also welcome to ride. However, they’ll justifiably lower the party train’s maximum capacity to 12 or less, depending on their size. As the Military Appreciation Month event planner, you’ll get to determine how long, and how many, train rides occur during the festivities. So you’ll want to keep that in the back of your mind too. To add to the festivities’ military theme, consider handing out camouflage conductor’s hats, dog tags and lollipop bundles. The bundles could include pops that resemble camouflage colored trains and other patriotic images. They, along with other party supplies, may be homemade or purchased through online vendors. The list of vendors that carry camo party supplies includes, but doesn’t end with Camo CelebrationsHobby LobbyShindigz and Party City. To learn more about adding party trains to Military Family Appreciation Month, please contact us straightaway.