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Songs for a Train Party


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We all know that no party is complete without songs. Of course, a train-themed party simply must have train-themed music. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the very best children’s train songs.

We hope this list will help you create the perfect playlist for your upcoming train party. After all, what good is a party if all of the adorable, train-loving guests can’t dance to their hearts’ content?

“I’ve Been Working on the Railroad”

A generations-old classic, “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” is an ideal sing-along for any children’s party. That said, it is a must-have for a train-themed party. There are many versions of this song, so pick the one you like best and add it to your list.

“Down by the Station”

Another oldie that is also a goodie, “Down by the Station” is also a fun sing-along. With all the fantastic versions of this song around, we’re sure you can find the perfect addition to your playlist with little effort.

“Little Red Caboose”

“Little Red Caboose” is a song that, depending on the version you choose, has a bit more speed to it. Therefore, it would be great for a dance song and could be used for games such as Musical Chairs or Freeze-Dance.

“Casey Jr.”

If you have ever watched the Disney classic movie Dumbo, you surely will remember the train song, “Casey Jr.” This one is also uptempo and good for dancing. However, there is only one version, so if you don’t like the original, you don’t really have anywhere else to turn.

“Dinosaur Train”

We all know and love the PBS Kids show, Dinosaur Train. Additionally, we are pretty familiar with the opening song. Therefore, you can be sure your tiny guests will also know this one. Just be prepared for a noisy, excited sing-along when it plays.

“Thomas and Friends”

Another TV show favorite, the Thomas and Friends song is a fun addition to any train playlist, and one adored by many small children. It’s the perfect song for singing along to, but also makes great background music during a craft or game.

With all the right music prepared, all you need is the party train itself. If you are hoping to hire a party train for your upcoming event, be sure to contact us soon! We would love to help make your party a success.