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Springtime Trackless Trains in Los Angeles


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While it’s pretty much always spring in Los Angeles, those of us who live here know when springtime actually hits. Spring brings the clearest skies. It brings the harvesting of celery, corn and carrots. It brings the filling up baseball stadiums.

Spring means Easter, new life, cleaner homes. Spring means new. Did we say new? New, new, new!

Springtime begs for parties; we all need a break after the fall and winter holidays, but by the time April rolls around, we are longing for big celebration once again.

Whether you are planning a birthday party, an Easter egg hunt, or are simply celebrating your newly, deeply (Spring-ly) cleaned house, we invite you to take part in our Los Angeles party trains.

These trains are the perfect addition to any event that involves kids. Our 100% electric, 100% professional, 100% quality trains are also 100% fun. We service our trains weekly, to ensure they work the best and look the best. Because we know that both of these things are important. Of course, our trains need to run effortlessly on the day of your event. This is why we put in time and effort beforehand, to ensure that they can run the way they need to. But we also need to make sure they are visually astounding.

Contact us because our trackless trains in Los Angeles are the best you will find. The children at your party will not want to leave our trains, meaning their parents will be able to enjoy conversing with other adults while knowing that their kids are close by and happy.