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Thank Your Customers with a Kids Party Train


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Grand opening celebration at LA Fitness in Irvine CA. What have you done lately to let your customers know that you appreciate their loyalty? If it has been awhile since you gave them anything other than a receipt for their records, it is time to bring a kids party train onboard to thank them properly. You can also use our party train to attract new customers and get them excited about working with you. VIP Appreciation Events If your goal is to give your regular customers a treat to motivate them to continue their loyalty, you can plan an event exclusively for those who have given you a substantial amount of business. Determine who you invite based on the amount of business they have given you in the past year, and plan activities that the adults will enjoy. You can leave the kid-friendly entertainment to our cheerful trackless train. Parents will snap pictures as their children wave from the passing train, and your event will make a well-deserved appearance on Facebook. Your customers will also be more likely to refer your business to others after a thank you this sincere. Recruiting Events If you are interested in convincing new customers to give your business a chance, you can plan an event to get them to your location. While you chat with the adults over refreshments and make sure they know what you have to offer, we will distract the children with a safe and entertaining train ride around your parking lot, a local park, or another location with adequate space. Parents and Kids Agree There are few things that kids and parents agree on, but kiddie trains are one of the few. If you advertise a free event with entertainment for children, parents in your local community will come out to give their children something special and affordable. This is especially true if they know that you just want to thank them for their loyalty. If your business is in Los Angeles county, Orange county, Riverside county, or San Bernardino county, contact us today to discuss dates that our train is available. You may also want to read our commitment statement to fully understand what we can offer your customers.