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With fall festivities fast approaching, educators and parents are turning their attention to Thanksgiving. While historians often disagree about where and when the first Thanksgiving feast between Pilgrims and Native Americans took place, we know such feasts did happen at various times and places as the two groups enjoyed the harvest together.

The most common contender for the first Thanksgiving is the one held in 1622 in Plymouth in what is now Massachusetts. While the places and dates may be contested, what matters is the spirit of thankfulness that was and is celebrated.

This year, you can be creative with how you teach and celebrate Thanksgiving. Rather than just serve turkey and stuffing in the cafeteria, why not rent a party train and host a progressive dinner?

The Mini Express can be set up on any flat surface indoors or out, allowing for food or craft stations to be set around the track .While trains would not have existed for any of the early Thanksgiving meals, some of the participants would have had to travel for the meal.

You can also have a different Thanksgiving fact posted at each station. Perhaps lists the possible dates and locations historians have identified as the first Thanksgiving, or the date Thanksgiving became a national holiday, November 26, 1863. One station, perhaps the pumpkin pie station, can give students the chance to share something they are thankful for or else a favorite memory of the holiday.

The Mini Express is available in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County, in the state of California. Aside from the train, we also provide the conductor. The cost is $275 for the first hour and $100 for each additional hour. For more information on our trackless train rental feel free to contact us and have a happy Thanksgiving!