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Tips for Photographing Birthday Party Train Rides


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train rentals for birthday parties in los angeles county california Among parents and grandparents, it’s no closely guarded secret. Birthday party train rides in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties make perfect photo ops. It’s the techniques needed to perfect those shots that can actually be ultra elusive. So this week, our Mini Express camera buffs wanted to share their tips for immortalizing birthday party train ride magic: For the best results, plan on using several digital cameras during the birthday party train ride. Place one digital camera on a tripod and another one on a dolly. They’ll help you get panoramic and unique looks at the birthday party train, its riders and the surrounding landscape. Use a third digital camera to capture the riders’ faces from inside and outside of the birthday party train. Try to aim your camera at the riders’ sight line, or slightly above it, and zoom in on their faces. Then pull back at times and get some wide angle shots to include an assortment of perspectives. To accomplish all of this, check out your digital camera’s settings in advance. And make a mental note of how to access the portrait and panoramic ones. You may also want to stock your camera bag with long and short lenses. Don’t continuously force your birthday party train riders to “pose” for pictures. Instead, take candid shots that let the magic of the moment shine through. And don’t be afraid to bend, twist and downright shatter the rules of composition. Doing so could help produce a memorable, one-of-a-kind assortment of birthday party train ride photos that you and your family will cherish forever. The last thing that you’ll want to worry about during birthday party train rides is lighting. However, lighting is actually something that is vital to taking the ideal party photo. So we’d suggest positioning your back towards the sun and trying to avoid areas where the natural light appears to be the harshest. To learn more about throwing the best train birthday parties, please contact us today. At The Mini Express, we can hook you up with a photogenic train and conductor for your next event. Plus, our party train rental website is full of great tips for hosts and hostesses.