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Tips For Planning A Girl’s Train Birthday Party


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Thomas The Train Birthday Ideas Your little princess is about to turn a year older, however she does not want that lovely princess birthday that you had envisioned.  Instead, your little princess wants to be a train conductor.   There is no doubt that a train birthday will be a lot of fun.  Here are tips for planning a train party for your little girl. The Most Important Tip The most important item on the to do list is  to remember  to reserve your trackless train early.  Because our trains are decorated in a variety of colors, they are gender neutral. This leaves you with many options when planning your color scheme for your daughter’s birthday. Do Not Fear The Color Pink Just because you have are having a train party, does not mean you need to avoid pink.  Pink looks great on a train.  Everything from the invitations, to signs, to the train tickets can all be done in pink.  Add some pink balloons and streamers.  If you are in need of some printables or inspiration for pink train decorations, places such as Pinterest and Esty are full with valuable decorating ideas. Food and Cake A fun way to serve snacks at the party, is to decorate serving containers to look like train cars.   Train sandwiches can be created with the help of a train cookie cutter.  With the help of a train cake pan, create a train masterpiece for your birthday girl.  Cupcakes topped with train crossing signs are a fun option as well. Fun and Favors To keep your party guests entertained before or after the train ride, consider setting up a few activities for your guests to enjoy.  They can decorate train cookies for an easy take home favor.    If you have some large boxes available, the guests can create there own train cars.  Thank each of your guests for coming by sending them home with a train whistle and a conductor’s hat.  The hats do come in pink. For help with scheduling your train or other tips for planning a train birthday, feel free to contact us.