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Trackless Train Rentals Are A Huge Hit At Your Earth Day Event


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When you are planning a big event for Earth Day, one that will bring in the entire community and celebrate and showcase the environmental conservation opportunities available in your area, it can be tricky to know what kinds of activities will be crowd pleasers. You definitely want a few activities targeted toward children so that families feel good about spending the day at your event together. Trackless train rentals are the perfect idea for you big Earth Day Extravaganza. You can feel great about renting a trackless train, because all of our trains are 100% electric. You can talk to parents and children about the way electric power benefits the earth as opposed to gasoline or coal. You can show the children how these electric trains are quiet not loud and scary like the diesel trains they see around town. Our colorful trains are sure to delight the children at your event as well as their parents who love watching their children get to enjoy a new experience. You can trust that our company is ready for your event no matter how large, because we carry a $2 million dollar insurance liability policy. We never outsource are business and always have a professional, well dressed train conductor arrive on-time to start your event off right. Please contact us for a quote on our electric train rentals in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County. Whether you are looking for trains for Earth Day, or any other event, you won’t be disappointed!