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Trackless Train Rentals for Labor Day


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Labor Day is coming up quickly. It’s hard to believe that summer is already passing us by; however, Labor Day is a great day to celebrate summer with one last hurrah! Traditionally Labor Day celebrates the incredible accomplishments of American workers and the ways they have contributed to the strength and prosperity of our nation.

Many people are given Labor Day off work as a holiday, so it is the perfect time to sponsor a community event or offer fun activities to help you market your business or any big Labor Day sales you may be having.

Families are always looking for a fun way to spend Labor Day together, so if you offer family-friendly activities you are likely to increase your foot traffic.

One simple way to plan some fun for your community, customers, or people your organization serves is to look into trackless train rentals. Trackless trains can run indoors or outside. They are electric trains so they run without loud noises or disgusting emissions. If you rent a trackless train, we will deliver it to you and our trained engineers will run the train for you, so you don’t have to take on any extra effort.

You can offer exciting, free train rides to all of your little guests, (as well as their big friends) and they will never forget the fun Labor Day they spent with you, riding the colorful trains. For more information on renting a train in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County please contact us.