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Trackless Train Rentals in the Inland Empire Expected to Top Planners’ Lists in 2016


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Trackless Train rentals in the Inland Empire are sure to be at the top of quick thinking, party planners’ wish lists in 2016. After all, the rental trains are insured, eco-friendly and within means of many Inland Empire residents. Plus, there are a lot of advantages to incorporating the classic mode of transportation into child and family centric events.

For instance, securing train rentals in the Inland Empire eliminates the risk that some children will be overtaken with stranger anxiety. As the experts at What to Expect® point out, costumed characters have the potential to frighten little children. With train rentals, there are no frightening characters, just a friendly conductor who is trained to work with children of all ages.

Obviously, the conductor isn’t dressed in a huge, scary costume and the train is big enough to accommodate adults. So children that may be a little skittish about meeting the conductor will likely feel more at ease with mom, dad, siblings, grandma or grandpa along for the ride. They may also take a favorite blanket, stuffed animal or other comfort item on the train too, space permitting.

Because the train rentals available in the Inland Empire are so large, they help to reduce backlogs of people waiting to take a ride. And if a very large crowd is expected, we have suggestions that may help keep the event on track. For example, it may be possible to keep the kids entertained with photo opportunities, goodie bags or train related finger play while they wait in line.

Understandably, all of these factors combined have the strong potential to make the experience stress-free for children, families and party planners alike. To learn more about booking 2016 train rentals in the Inland Empire, Los Angeles and Orange Counties, please contact us at The Mini Express right away.