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Trackless Trains Are Perfect for Celebrating a 3-Year Old’s Birthday


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party train rentals in riverside county By the time many children reach three years of age, they are able to enjoy being around other children, understand what it means to take turns and play make-believe. That’s why trackless trains would make the perfect addition to a three year old’s milestone celebration. When setting up the festivities, keep the following in mind: Do remember to reserve a trackless train for your three year old’s party as quickly as possible. Failure to make the arrangements until the last minute could result in great disappointment for your child as well as the other party participants. In most instances, its best to make initial contact with our birthday train experts at least two months before your soon-to-be three year old’s big day. Don’t expect all of the young children to ride the trackless train without their parents. After all, not all kids develop at the same rate. So some of your child’s party guests may not be ready to leave mom, dad, grandpa or grandma’s side. The good thing to keep in mind is that with our birthday trains, they won’t have to. Our train cars can happily accommodate them both at the same time. Do opt to provide more than one age-appropriate snack and have other toddler essentials nearby. Ones that come to our mind are cups with lids, changing tables, booster seats and potty chairs. That way, every guest joining in on your three year old’s birthday celebration is apt to feel comfortable. Don’t forget that three year olds tend to have short attention spans and can only follow basic instructions. So try not to overwhelm them with complicated rules and continuous photo taking. Instead, let them enjoy riding our extremely safe birthday train together for the duration of your rental agreement. To learn more about throwing a birthday train party for three year olds in Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, please contact us.