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Train Birthday Party Ideas


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All aboard the birthday train! Chugging around the block in a rainbow train may be the best thing that has ever happened to your child, but don’t let the fun stop with the train rental. There are many things you can do to make your child’s train birthday a huge success.

  • Cupcake Train – Use a large toy train engine at the front of a long, curvy line-up of frosted and decorated cupcakes. Use frosting to glue a mini Oreo to either side of each cupcake to create “wheels” on your “train cars”. For an added touch you can line the cupcakes up on toy train tracks.
  • Follow the Engine Game – Played like follow the leader, but instead of a leader children take turns being the engine. This is best for the younger set, ages 3-6.
  • Train Car Bingo – Create bingo cards with different colored train cars in the squares. Use colored buttons or chips of come sort to draw colors from a hat to tell players which color to cover. Otherwise, play exactly like bingo. This is better for older, more patient kids, ages 5-10.
  • Painting Craft – Allow children to paint their own unfinished wooden toy train or train cut out. Make sure to put out plenty of colors and brushes. Glitter can be added to the layout for added excitement. Cover your surface with newspaper or a disposable table-cloth and be prepared for messes. Kids have a blast with this

If you are planning a train party and need a trackless train rental be sure to contact us at The Mini Express so we can put you on the right track.