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Train Party Punch


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If you are planning a train party in the coming months, creating a gorgeous, train-themed table spread is a must. From tiny train engine sandwiches to railroad crossing cookies, there are a wide variety of train snack options. Additionally, finding a punch to match the party colors should be a cinch.

That said, there is a way to take your party punch one step further. This can be done by making the party beverages themselves train-themed. While this might seem strange or even crazy, it is actually pretty simple and adds a super fun touch to your party table.

There are two ways to create a train-themed party punch:

  1. The first method involves freezing small train toys inside of ice cubes and placing these in the punch of your choice. This is the easiest method and requires very little time or effort. As an added bonus, the party guests will love the little toy they get to keep after the ice melts.
  2. The second option begins with a bowl of punch, a bag of yellow marshmallows, and a black food marker. To make, cut the marshmallows in half. Turn each marshmallow half so all their smooth sides are facing up, then draw a railroad crossing sign on each. Just before the guests arrive, place the marshmallow halves in the punch with the “signs” facing up.

No train party is complete without real train rides. Be sure to schedule a party train now so you have rides for everyone on the day of your event! Contact us at Mini Express for more information.