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Train Party Rentals Add Great Fun to Children’s Dental Month Events


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birthday train rental from Are you a dentist in search of a way to increase awareness of your upcoming National Children’s Dental Month promotion? If your response is, “Yes!”, we’d love to tell you about our train party rentals. They would certainly raise the fun factor at any National Children’s Dental Month event. After all, the special occasion is all about getting the kids on track to achieving oral health right? Our 100% electric, trackless train party rentals are suitable for all ages, reasonably priced and inclusive of a professional conductor. So your dental office staff won’t have to be subjected to a crash course in train operation or forced to shoo parents off of the train cars. Everyone is welcome to ride safely. In addition, you can take comfort in knowing that we are fully insured and keep our train party rentals in pristine, working condition. Therefore, your dentistry office staff won’t need to let liability issues be an overriding concern either. We should also mention that our trains are equipped with high quality sound systems. That said, you may want to put together a collection of your dentistry office’s favorite songs for the families in attendance to listen to. When you reserve your train party rental, you’ll be asked to provide a modest deposit. The rental fee balance may be taken care of later. In response, we’ll deliver a spotless, working trackless train to your designated location along with our train conductor. The children and their families can ride our trackless trains while they wait their turn in the dentist chair. You may also want to have your dentistry office’s staff hand out train stickers, train toothbrushes and Thomas the Tank Engine Training Toothpaste too. All in all, it should make for an unforgettable National Children’s Dental Month promotion.                                                   To inquire about train party rentals for your dentistry office’s special events in Riverside, Orange, Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties, please contact us.