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No matter what new technology is introduced to children, they still are fascinated by planes, trains, and automobiles. Younger children enjoy the noises they make while riding them and older children enjoy seeing the past evolve into the present via the history of transportation. The study can be introduced into any classroom or homeschooling session with an interactive history lesson. The students can make large drawings of horse- drawn carriages to begin the study. You could also contact local stables to see about pony or horse rides. Going on from there, you can have a section on early cars with student drawings or perhaps actual classic cars. Then, you can move unto trains. The students can ride a trackless train while learning the history of trains in America. Some interesting and important dates to include are as follows: 1830- A race between the B&O’s Tom Thumb and a horse-drawn carriage near Ellicott’s Mills, MD with the horse winning. Also that year was the first scheduled passenger train service in America from Charleston, South Carolina 1831- The first U.S. mail is carried by rail on the South Carolina Canal & Railroad Co. 1916- U.S. railroads reach their peak mileage, with over 254,037 miles of track. 1971- May 1, Amtrak is created to nationalize the country’s passenger trains. A trackless train from the Mini Express can be set up on any flat surface. We provide the conductor and the brightly colored train anywhere in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County, in the state of California. The trains are equipped with top of the line sound systems and each train is 100% electric so there is no gasoline smell or smoke to worry about. For more information about the train rentals and booking, please contact us.