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Train Rentals for Birthday Parties Appeal to Tech-Savvy Generations Too


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When many of us were growing up, there were no iPhones, tablets and the like. Children’s birthday parties featured activities like bobbing for apples, hide and seek, tag and musical chairs. Of course there was also ice cream, presents and homemade birthday cake. Well for today’s kids, those diversions are passé but they will accept other, non-computerized ways to have fun. Train rides given by happy-go-lucky conductors are among them.

Train rentals for birthday parties are available in San Bernardino and Orange Counties. We can also dispatch our trains and conductors to Riverside and Los Angeles. But either way, we’ll need advance notification and a small deposit of $100 per event. Rental periods are available in 60 minute increments and are priced according to traveling distance from our office to the birthday party location.

Our entire fleet of electric-powered locomotives are kept fully charged, spotless and in optimal, working order. They run silently, without emitting noxious fumes, and are resilient enough to accommodate steady streams of excited passengers. Both adults and children are welcome to come along for the best, birthday train rides of their lives. Bear in mind though, the trains’ design gives it the capacity to hold 12 to 18 riders at any one time.

Because train rentals for birthday parties run in 60 minute increments, each of those 12 to 18 riders will be able to spend a great deal of time on board. As such, providing our team with ample flat, ground to cover during the course of the party will go far in adding to guests’ enjoyment. And there is no need to add extra sights along the birthday train route but renters are welcome to do so. That mentioned, whenever you’re ready to have a party in Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles or San Bernardino, please contact us at our office today.